Currently residing in Colorado, Julie Cummings is known for her contributions to the literary world through many facets. In addition to being the immediate Past President of Columbine Poets of Colorado and the standing President of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Ms. Cummings also facilitates and conducts workshops on various writing topics on a regular basis. Ms. Cummings' poems have been published in four anthologies over the course of the past several years. Additionally her work is found in a local literary magazine, newspapers, as well as on the internet.

Ms. Cummings began writing poetry at the age of 9. Ms. Cummings is strongly influenced by Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, Marge Piercy, and Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer as well as many others.

Ms. Cummings also enjoys educating people about social issues through her poetry as well as through workshops. Her poems are available in postcard form, on an audio cd titled "Be Heard," and in "Ride of My Life" a poetry collection available here and on Amazon. 

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