I’m driving 75 miles per hour on the highway on my way to somewhere and you don’t see me
I know I’m over the speed limit but I need to be
this is where it’s safe it’s too slow in the other lanes
reminds me of sixth grade
I sat in the back of the room and you didn’t see me
I was absent each day during reading
I didn’t like the books you chose to read
I tested high higher than most but failed in your eyes
unmotivated, unorganized, lazy is what you called me in front of my peers
I knew I wasn’t but you didn’t see
I knew I was over the read limit I needed to be
it was too low for me
you didn’t know what I needed and never asked
just assumed I liked hearing about heroes and holidays
and not my peoples ways
I want to be heard
I want you to recognize what you are doing to me
holding me back without even knowing who I am
I am the child you don’t see
I know in my heart the fast lane doesn’t include students like me
that red white and blue doesn’t include me
you tell me so every time you don’t include the stories of my culture
or pictures in class of people like me
don’t include my family
I want to be seen
I want to achieve

and I’m gonna keep on driving in this lane until you don’t cut me off anymore

copyright 2012 Julie E. Cummings