Spoken Word Cinema

A lot has happened since we last spoke about Spoken Word Cinema, the 48 hour film challenge that brings poets and filmmakers together to create a short film based on an original poem. We’ve had a great response from artists in the Denver-Boulder area, and we’ve added even more sponsors. We’ve announced prizes that include secondary screenings, professional memberships and cold, hard cash.

However, the deadline for registration is right around the corner—May 22nd—and we wanted to make sure that no one missed out on this opportunity to see their poetry on the silver screen. Many of the registered filmmaker teams are production companies with music videos and award-winning shorts to their credit.

Here are our questions for you:

Who are the poets in your community who could inspire filmmakers to make something truly captivating?
And why haven’t they submitted their poems to Spoken Word Cinema yet?

Here’s how you can help:

Personally contact those talented individuals you know should not miss out on this event.
Forward information about our event through Facebook, Twitter, or newsletters.
Submit your own poetry!

Here are some key points about the event:

Selected poets will get to read their poem at our kickoff event on June 15th. After the poetry reading, the filmmakers will randomly draw the name of their poetic partner, and then the collaboration can begin. The newly-formed teams will have 48 hours to create a film-interpretation of the poem, and the completed films will be screened at our showcase on June 19th at the Nomad theater. Prizes will be awarded in a variety of categories.

The final films will run four to six minutes in duration, and the final films must incorporate the three to five minute poem in its entirety in spoken word, written text, and/or as music lyrics. See www.spokenwordcinema.com to register your team and read the official rules.

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